Sta-Set is a durable high-grade double braided polyester rope that is ideal for rigging applications.


Our Sta-Set is a rigging line consisting of a premium quality and durable polyester double braid.

Its stronger cover featuring a high degree of twist in the yarns makes our Sta-Set a flexible and highly resistant rigging line. Its use is particularly recommended for cases where blocks are employed.

Our urethane coating imparts greater abrasion resistance to the Sta-Set.

Moreover, Sta-Set exhibits good knot holding ability and can be readily spliced into various slings.

Sta-Set is available in boxes, or cut to lengths, with or without spliced eye.



Lengths: 50 m, 70 m, with or without eye, and 182 m in the box
Standard: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Core: polyester
Cover: polyester